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Build the tallest tower—Assassin's Creed style




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The Tower: Assassin's Creed is a revamped version of the classic title: 'The Tower'—by Ketchapp. Here, you're set with the task of building the tallest possible tower so your hero can jump off to land softly onto a cart full of hay.

As per usual, gameplay in The Tower: Assassin's Creed is practically identical to the original. Each floor falls shifting left to right so anytime you tap your screen it'll land exactly where your fingertip hits. If the newly added floor fits perfectly within your building plans, you'll get to continue building your tower, otherwise it'll partially crumble.

The biggest difference between the original The Tower and its newest Assassin's Creed edition, is that once you're done building your tower—your assassin jumps off from its highest point. As he's mid-flight toppling over and over, you pick up DNA strands by swiping your finger left and right. Obviously, you're going to need to direct his fall so he lands into the cart full of hay below (this cushioning element is very characteristic to Ubisoft's The Tower saga).

The Tower: Assassin's Creed is as simple as it is charming. Plus, as you play and level up, you start to unlock tons of extra characters and new locals to explore like: Granada, Spain; Florence, Italy—or even the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Android 2.3 or higher required

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